Thursday, August 17, 2017

Up Next...

Or perhaps I should say "down next"... flooring! I came home this evening with a car full of new flooring. :D

After I pull up the old flooring, I will fix the INCREDIBLY ANNOYING creaking subfloor. If I can't fix it, I will have it replaced. One way or another, I will have a silent floor!

Then I can install the new, dark brown/black flooring. It will replace a light oak color flooring and is going to completely change the look of the rooms! :)

I will also be getting a new washer and dryer, though that was not a planned purchase. A week ago, I smelled something burning. After sniffing all around the house, I found the smell was coming from the washer. The motor had burned out. I had actually been expecting the dryer to die because it's been making squeaking noises for a while... but the washer went first.

They're both pretty old. I got them free in 2009 from a coworker who was getting new machines. I paid $0 and got eight years of use... can't complain about that!

The new ones are certainly not free, but I got lucky on the timing. I had received my annual bonus just two days before the washer's final spin cycle.

Somewhere in the midst of installing flooring and catching up on laundry, I need to work on my craft-along project! As a reminder, the theme for August is Food and Beverage. Details HERE.


  1. It seems like you can't go wrong with "The Easiest Floor Ever!" :) I'm with you on creaking floors. My apartment has several spots that creak like crazy.

    1. In a rare case of (more or less) truth in advertising, this flooring truly is very easy. :)

  2. I feel like a weirdo when I say... I find the strangest satisfaction in creaky doors and creaking floors lol.

    I bought new washer and dryers recently too! We got those samsung front loader ones with the mini door to put in last minute items. They're very spiffy! I feel fancy using them lol.

    1. Ha ha! Do you enjoy fingernails on a chalkboard also? ;)

      I probably wouldn't mind so much if my floor was just making an "old wood" sound. But the noise is from nails moving in and out of the wood... an extremely unpleasant sound to me.

      Wow, you got the fancy machines! I saw those at the store. The little door reminded me of a library book return. :D I also saw a pedestal that is actually a washer, so you can have a small washer underneath your big washer. Lots of clever features in washers now!