Saturday, July 25, 2015

An IKEA Wardrobe Makes a Great Office

My IKEA wardrobe held my television, speakers, and other electronic paraphernalia for a while. I loved the tidy look of having everything tucked away behind doors.

However, in practice, the doors were rarely closed because I am almost always listening to music. I decided that the wardrobe might serve better as an office armoire.

As it turns out, an IKEA wardrobe makes a great office because it's deep enough to hold an actual desk. Putting the desk inside the wardrobe makes it sit a few inches higher, a wonderful bonus for me as normal desks are always too low for my tall self. My printer and shredder fit neatly under the desk, while the slide-out tray makes using the keyboard and mouse easy.

On the desk is a decoupaged tissue box raising a lamp with lace-bedecked shade to proper height. The top shelf holds decoupaged boxes.

Drawings of a vintage typewriter and vintage scissors serve as artwork.

The purple flower (with black lace and ribbon added by me) is actually a tape dispenser. :D

I'm so pleased with the result! I can work very comfortably at the desk. When I'm done working, I can simply push in the keyboard tray and close the doors. The wardrobe looks nice in the corner of my living room.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


The week since my last post seemed to fly by.

I went to the orthodontist for the final stage of prep. Instead of making impressions of my teeth, they used a wand-like digital camera/scanner to take what seemed like 100 images from every possible angle. The result was a remarkable 3D computer image of my teeth which will be used to design and create my aligners. I should have them in about two weeks.

I went to the dermatologist to see what can be done about my various skin complaints.

Unfortunately, these appointments turned out to be ill-timed. Work was especially hectic due to some last-minute scheduling tasks and two sets of budget deadlines. After losing a few work hours to the appointments, I felt rushed and a bit overwhelmed all week. But I didn't miss any critical deadlines, and by Friday afternoon I had once again wrestled the Monstrous Workload Beast into submission.

I picked up the new bathroom vanity that I ordered a couple weeks ago. That was quite an ordeal! It was too heavy for me to lift into my car... if it would even fit through the car door. A very nice customer insisted on helping, and he and the stock clerk together were able to maneuver it into my car. I drove home fearing I'd never get it out of the car. But I didn't have to lift it up, just pull it out and control its descent to the ground. I was BARELY strong enough to do that and then carry it into the house.

I took advantage of cloud cover yesterday afternoon to do some yard work. I trimmed back the gigantic metropolis of irises that was spilling over into my neighbors' driveway. Just as I was finishing, I felt a jolt of pain in my lower back. UGH! I swear I am cursed... everything I do to my yard turns into a disaster. I must be the only person on the planet who can hurt her back cutting flowers. :P

I made my way to the grocery store to get an ice pack. Hobbling down the aisle, I was surprised to hear "Walk Away" by The Sisters of Mercy start playing. The store has recently begun piping in music I quite like; mostly '80s and early '90s, which causes me to feel old but does make shopping more enjoyable. I've heard The Cure there... but The Sisters of Mercy!?  :D

I wanted to paint the bathroom today, but my back still hurts. I'm not sure if I'll be able to accomplish much.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Daily Sun: June 29-30

On June 29, I prepared to spend a day in the sun. This consisted of 20% gathering and packing up my supplies and 80% wondering "What was I thinking when I volunteered for this?!"

On June 30, I spent six hours outside on a cloudless, hot day. The temperature climbed to about 92F/33C. While 92F is certainly not the worst heat I've ever experienced, the Colorado sunshine is intense. The power of the Daystar is greatly magnified at a mile above sea level.

What could possibly lead me to spend six hours under the Burning Orb? It was a work event. Called the Amazing Survivor Minute, it was a day of challenges similar to Amazing Race, Survivor, and Minute to Win It. I had volunteered to help, so I played the role of game show host, leading two of the teams through the series of challenges. Being a host rather than a player was good for me as I am neither athletic nor competitive. :)

We began the day by using random selection to group people into 10 teams. Each team then chose a name and created a team flag.  The Ninja Neers later won the Best Flag vote.

Then the teams spent about 2.5 hours making their way through the 10 challenges. In Run Mat, the team all stood inside a loop of plastic mat and walked it down the field, sort of like a tank tread. One difficulty here is that you can't see where you're going. One of my teams veered off course, flattening another team's flag and trampling someone's straw hat. :P

In Paper Dragon, each person held a roll of crepe paper streamer in each hand. The goal was to unwind the streamers as fast as possible. My teams' technique was to throw the rolls and then run like mad down the field with the streamers flying behind them. :)

In the Wet Head challenge, one team member launched water balloons toward the others, who had to catch the balloons in a colanders held on their heads. A bursting balloon scored for your team and also provided a refreshing splash of water on your head.

After all the teams had completed the challenges, we stopped for lunch under the tents. Then it was on to the final challenge. Everyone gathered near the shore of the reservoir. Each team was given a set of materials and required to build a raft/flotation device that would hold two people. (A perfect challenge for the Research & Development department, heavily populated with engineers.)

The raft had to be carried to the water, and two people had to paddle/ride it to a certain point in the reservoir...

and back. The first team back was the winner.

And of course, there was a dunking booth. Because what work event is complete without an opportunity to dunk your boss? :D

Despite the heat and intense sun, it was a super fun day. I had a blast. I did not get sunburned or tanned in the slightest thanks to a sun hat, a long-sleeve shirt, and lots of SPF 50.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nothing Done: June 27-28

On June 27 and 28, I got virtually nothing done. I felt tired and melancholy, though I don't really know why. So the weekend was a disappointing waste of time. :(

June 30 was quite different. I spent more than six hours outdoors in the sun. Voluntarily. :o What could possibly entice this heliophobe to spend so much time in the presence of the Daystar? Details coming soon...