Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014: Chef

Life is rather somber and stressful these days, and I wasn't able to muster my usual enthusiasm for Halloween.  I did at least manage to dress up for work.  I reused a costume from a few years ago: myself as a chef.  This is what I'd look like if I ever tried to actually cook anything, complete with holes burned in my clothes and soot on my face.

Why am I holding a little golden trophy?
There was recently a chili cook-off at my office.  The day before the cook-off deadline, the organizers encouraged entries for vegetarian chili because there was only one entry.  Now, normally the idea of me entering a cooking contest would be utterly ridiculous.  I can barely boil water.  But I can make one thing worth eating, and it happens to be vegetarian chili... so I decided to participate.  I was absolutely gobsmacked when I won the trophy for Best Vegetarian Chili.

So here you have essentially the worst cook on the planet holding her cooking contest trophy.  Too weird.