Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another New Look for Old Canisters

I have a set of square canisters that hold dog food and treats. When I bought them at a thrift store, they were brown and scratched. I gave them a new look with paintable wallpaper.

After redoing my kitchen in black, grey and white, I wanted to add a bit of color (purple, of course) with accessories. The canisters sit out on my counter, so they were a perfect candidate for bepurpling.

First, I pulled off the paintable wallpaper. Next, to give the canisters a smooth surface, I covered them with wall liner (a heavy paper used behind wallpaper). I then rolled on a coat of the purple paint that I used on my dining table.

Inexplicably, the paint went on with a mottled appearance. I rather like it. :)