Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We Now Interrupt This Hiatus...

for a venting of frustration.

The plan was to be on hiatus until I had something good to post about, but I really need to vent today.

Why is my license plate mangled and sitting on the ground?  Because someone knocked it off my car.

Someone who ran a stop sign and WHAM! into his car I crashed. I've long believed that too many people think STOP means Slightly Tap On Pedal.  This idiot didn't even do that.

It could have been a lot worse. No one was hurt. My car wasn't heavily damaged. The collision was clearly his fault, and his insurance should pay to repair my car.

What I'm really angry about is that he ruined my perfect driving record. In 24 years of driving, I had never been in a collision.  TWENTY-FOUR YEARS.  That is a "never" I can never get back.