Sunday, September 7, 2014

Visual Reference to GIY Projects

Because it can be time-consuming to wade through loads of blog posts to find projects of interest, I wanted to create a visual reference to GIY projects. Blogger's tools are somewhat limited, so I decided that Pinterest might be a better solution.

My Pinterest is here. I created boards for four categories of GIY projects:

It's a little weird to link the blog to Pinterest, which will then link back to the blog, but maybe it will be useful.


  1. I think it's great to let readers know exactly what boards you have created! I might do the same myself! :)

  2. It's so awesome to see them all together and see how much you have achieved! So many awesome projects!

    1. Seeing the photos really does make me realize how many projects I've done. And there are so many left to do!

  3. Great idea! *runs off to follow Bane and her awesome GIY projects on Pinterest*