Monday, February 10, 2020

Entryway Organizer

Some projects have such an impact that I think, "Why didn't I do this ages ago?" Improving my garage entryway was one of those projects.

Because I park my car in the garage, I always use the garage door into and out of the house. The door opens into tiny entryway which has the basement stairs on one side and a wall on the other.

The entryway poses some real challenges. At only about 3 feet (1 meter) square, it provides just enough space for the door to swing open. Unless this door is propped or held open, it closes on its own. And trying to maneuver around the half-open door puts one at risk for falling down the basement stairs. (Safety was apparently of no concern to the designers of my house.)

Safety and convenience were both greatly improved by the addition of a magnetic doorstop. Simply push the door open until it touches the doorstop, and the magnet holds the door open. I love it! :)

To really level up the entryway, I wanted to add an organizer to hold my work laptop, bag, keys, and so forth. There was plenty of horizontal and vertical space on the wall; however, depth was an issue. The organizer had to be shallow enough to allow the door to open completely.

The biggest challenge was finding something large enough to hold my work laptop but thin enough to fit behind the door. Finally, I found a wire basket at the thrift store.

I decided on a board and batten style for the organizer. Using boards, tape, and cardboard, I marked the placement of each element.

I wanted the organizer to serve a secondary purpose of covering prior doorknob damage and a badly patched area where a large dog door had once been. To accomplish this, I attached hardboard to the wall.

Then I attached 1x3 (vertical) and 1x4 (horizontal) trim boards. Hooks would be attached to the horizontal boards, so I ensured that they were screwed firmly into the wall studs. I painted everything grey to match the walls.

I attached the basket and four hooks.

Done! :)

Now, instead of hanging my bag on the back of a chair and putting my laptop on the dining room table, I can keep everything in one place by the door. And it all fits neatly behind the door in a space less than 5 inches (13 cm) deep!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Cubicle Makeover

This is my cubicle at work. The walls are beige. Bleh. On the plus side, they're essentially giant bulletin boards...

making it easy to tack fabric over them. Purple, of course. :) I added the usual office supplies, a storage bench...

and the drawers, desk organizer, and ampersand I recently decoupaged.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Tiny Chest of Drawers

Another easy transformation with paint, paper and glue! I found a tiny chest of drawers in a thrift store. Its white finish was chipped and peeling.

I painted the chest black and decoupaged paper on the top, sides, and drawer fronts. The knobs are white... but maybe they would look better painted black? What do you think?

Dumb question. ;) The knobs are black now.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Desk Organizer

This project began with a bare wood desk organizer purchased on Amazon. It has four drawers which I neglected to put back in prior to taking the "before" picture. Oops.

The organizer's size can be adjusted because it is made of two pieces which slide apart. Nifty! :)

I painted the edges and smaller areas with black acrylic craft paint. I decoupaged floral paper on the larger areas and lined the drawers with a polka dot paper. I completed the organizer by adding black drawer pulls.

Friday, January 3, 2020


Hello! My hiatus was much longer than anticipated.

I've had some health problems. Managing them has required some significant changes to my lifestyle. There are things I can no longer do, and accepting those losses and limitations has not been easy. I was offline and disconnected for many months trying to come to terms with my new reality. At long last, I think I'm ready to return to social media and blogging.

A new year seems an auspicious time to start again. In the hope that this is just the first of many posts to come, it seems appropriate to begin with an "and."

Specifically, a wood ampersand:

Fancied up with decoupaged paper, flowers, and adhesive gems:

A tip for decoupaging complicated or oddly shaped objects: Don't bother trying to cut the paper into the exact shape of the object. A rough approximation will do. Apply glue to the object, then adhere the paper. Allow the glue to dry, then use a sharp razor blade to trim the paper to the perfect shape.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Craft Along with GIY: Anything Goes

The theme for the December craft-along is Anything Goes.

To share your Craft Along with GIY project:
1.  Add the Craft Along with GIY icon to your blog post. Link the icon to this page:
2.  Leave a comment with a link to your project. If you're not a blogger, you can link to your webpage, Instagram, or anywhere else readers can see it. (Please link directly to the project page.)

I will compile the links on the Craft Along with GIY page.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Craft Along with GIY: December 2017

It's December and time to wrap up our first year of Craft Along with GIY.

During December, I will work on a craft project. Around December 29, I will post my completed project. You can share a link to your project on that post or at any time during the month on this post. I will compile the links on the Craft Along with GIY page.

To participate:
1.  If you're a blogger, add the Craft Along with GIY icon to your post. Link the icon to this page:

2.  On either this theme announcement post or my completed project post, leave a comment with a link to your project. You can link to your blog, webpage, Instagram, or anywhere else readers can see it.

Your project can be big or small. It can be in any style, goth or otherwise. The fun is in the crafting

December can be a stressful and hectic month for many people, so we're going with an easy theme: Anything Goes. Craft anything you like. :)