Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vintage Beach Fashion

I stumbled upon a set of vintage beach photos on (the second set of photos on the page). Some of the '50s and '60s photos are interesting...

Wouldn't the dress on the right be cute in a little skull print? On the left, she's rockin' the cat-eye sunglasses.

Not sure which is bigger - the beehive hairdo or the vat of suntan oil.

but it's the '20s and '30s photos that are really cool.

Some awesome swimwear in this photo. I love the striped one! And how cute is the girl in the checks? I'm not as keen on the huge collar second from left or the fur-like trim on the far right.

Holy sunshade, Batman! Check out the awesome super-sized parasol.

Here's a policeman measuring a woman's swimsuit to make sure it's within regulations.

This looks like your everyday jump rope photo until you notice what the Adonis types turning the rope are wearing. O.o

A few years before the iPod... Check out those rolled-down stockings!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to Reality

When I left my job back in February, I had hopes of starting my own professional organizing business. I've had a couple people ask how it's going, so I guess an update is in order.

How is it going? Well... it's not. I've decided not to pursue the business. While I would love *doing* the organizing work, *getting* the organizing work would be a totally different matter. I would need to market my services, which would involve two activities I'm absolute CRAP at: selling and networking. I hate selling and I will always suck at networking, so every minute spent on such activities would be very unpleasant.

Instead, I will try to re-enter the real world and get an office job. I don't mind the thought of going to work, though I hope I can avoid a long commute and committing nearly 11 hours a day to my job. I would love to find a job that doesn't take over my life.

Unfortunately, I put off my return trip to reality too long, and now I'm completely out of touch. I'm struggling to get myself together enough to look for a job and possibly be ready for an interview. But I can't go without income for much longer. I have to get back to reality soon!

Reality. Bleh.