Sunday, July 30, 2017

Craft Along with GIY: It Takes Two

The theme for the June/July Craft Along with GIY is It Takes Two. For my project, I made a pair of speaker covers that double as candle holders.

First step was to find a box of appropriate size to fit over the speakers. I wanted a rounded shape, so I opted for an oatmeal canister made of cardboard.

I removed the label, turned the canister upside down, and cut a notch in the back for the speaker wires to go through.

Next, I cut a window for the speaker cones. Then I painted the top and bottom edge of the canister black.

I wrapped the canister with black paper. To uncover the window opening, I slit the paper in an X shape from corner to corner.

Then I folded the paper into the opening and taped it to the inside of the canister.

I decided to use lace to cover the window. This would visually disguise the speaker cones but not block the sound. Using lace and jacquard, I sewed a band to encircle the canister.

I wrapped the band around the canister and pinned it in the back.

I placed the covers over the speakers and added pillar candles.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Princess Bane and the Frozen Peas

I haven't abandoned my blog.

I haven't been doing much lately because the summer heat drains my energy. I am the opposite of solar powered. I do not tolerate heat well. It makes me feel cranky and gives me a headache. I AM TIRED OF BEING HOT.

Last week was busy at work. This week will be busy, too... but I might as well be at the office because my home air conditioner has gone kaput. I want to break down and cry. Of everything in my house that could break, the air conditioner is the worst for me.

No heat? Gives me a chance to wear a sweater.
No hot water? I can heat water on the stove.
No running water? I know how to flush a toilet with a 1/2 gallon bucket.
No internet? I can read books.
No electricity? I can read books by flashlight or candlelight.

No air conditioning? I'm miserable. Sweaty, gross, cranky and miserable.

So I sit here in front of the fan with a cold towel around my neck and another on my legs. To help cool my core, I'm using a package of frozen peas as a lap desk. Aaaaah... cool and refreshing.

I wish I had 100 packages of frozen peas to sleep on.

That's how this princess likes her peas: frozen and on top of the mattress.

Yeah... I think my brain has overheated.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Interlude: Dogs

I hoped to have a project post up by now... but the project turned out to be a total failure. :( I already have a couple more projects in the works. With luck, they will be successful and I'll post about them soon.

I'll fill the interlude by rambling ad nauseum about my dogs.

As many of you know, I have two small dogs. Indigo is a brown and tan Miniature Pinscher. Nook is a black Chihuahua mix. They are similar in size and appearance, and they're pretty close in age.

They both love warmth. Nook's favorite place is "Nook's nook," a kitchen cabinet turned dog bed outfitted with a blanket and heating pad. Indigo will sometimes join her there. They both like to burrow beneath the blanket.

And that is where the similarities end. Their personalities are completely different. Indigo wants nothing more than to be with her human (me) and is generally indifferent to everything else, even food. Nook has more typical dog interests, including toys and food.

Indigo is nearly silent; Nook barks, play-growls, and makes all kinds of funny sounds; she even quietly barks in her sleep, which is hilarious. Indigo is clever; Nook is... well, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Indigo is bold and fearless; Nook is afraid of everything.

In almost every situation, their actions or reactions are totally different.

For example... I let them out into the back yard.
Indigo quietly stands on the patio.
Nook madly dashes around the yard for no apparent reason. (Sorry for the loud wind noise on this video!)

I go inside and pull the door almost closed.
Indigo waits quietly on the doorstep until I notice her and open the door to let her in.
Nook enthusiastically scratches open the door and bursts in like a tiny SWAT team.

I sit on the sofa.
Indigo lies down on my lap or right next to me, and she demands belly rubs.
Nook chews on her toy.

I open the laundry closet door.
Indigo runs over to see if there are warm towels coming out of the dryer.
Nook runs to her kennel to hide from the terrifying monsters who live behind the door.

I put the basket of towels on the floor.
Indigo jumps into the basket the instant I set it down.
Nook eyeballs the scary basket from the safety of her kennel.

I offer each dog a treat.
Indigo sniffs at it... considers it... sniffs at it again... and if she decides to eat it, plucks it gingerly from my fingers and carries it over to the sofa to nibble at it.
Nook grabs it and swallows it whole without even pausing to sniff what it is. (After all, if I'm offering it, it must be edible, right?)

I give them dinner.
Indigo spends three minutes "burying" her food before deciding whether to eat. If she eats, she daintily selects one piece at a time.
Nook gulps down her food in a few seconds, no chewing required. (She now has a slow feeder bowl so dinner lasts about four minutes instead of four seconds.)

I give them a bath.
Indigo looks indignant and tries to jump out of the tub.
Nook looks confused and tries to eat the shampoo lather.

I go into the bedroom.
Indigo springs lightly onto the bed as if gravity doesn't apply to her. She sits quietly, waiting for me to sit down so I'll have a lap for her to lie down on.
Nook lines her body up parallel to the bed.. looks up and down a few times to gauge the distance... then leaps sideways onto the bed. Then she stretches out, ready to play.

Two dogs with vastly different personalities... but I adore them both. Indigo is sweet, cuddly and affectionate. Nook is cute, playful, and hilarious. I may not matter to a single person, but I am Indigo's entire world. I may be melancholy, but Nook's goofy cheerfulness can always make me laugh.

Bringing these two little ladies home from the shelter was far and away the best decision I have ever made. Hooray for rescue pets! :D