Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weather Delays and Whimsical Wishes

The weather has been thwarting the completion of my To Do list the past week.

Put up new mailbox
It has snowed three of the last five days
Finish installing new light switches
Don’t want to traipse through the snow to the electrical panel to shut off the power. (I find it odd having the electrical panel on the outside of the house.)
Put new bat decals on my car
It’s too cold to be outside.  Yesterday's high was 10 F (-12 C), and it was -2 F when I was driving home last night.  That’s too cold even for me!
Repair grout in shower
Don’t want to drive in the snow to the home improvement store to buy grout

Luckily, the forecast is for sunny skies and a relatively balmy 40 degrees the next several days.  Maybe I can cross a few tasks off my list... and post something interesting!

In the meantime, a selection of whimsical items I might buy if I were less practical and more filthy rich.

The Florentina Prince Bed from PoshTots can be yours for $6,706!

The Anne Armoire is $7,200 worth of amusing.

This Gothic bookstand from Design Toscano is actually reasonably priced at $199

Love the French Gothic Iron Bed from Victorian Trading Co.  Not so much the $2,795 price.

Black crystal chandelier for $509, anyone?


  1. I saw that French Gothic Iron bed from Victorian Trading Co. last year and instantly started to drool. For a few months I was even trying to figure out how to get it, but alas my tattoo won out. :) Maybe when I'm full time somewhere and actually own a house?

  2. I love those beds! So gorgeous!

    I had that bookshelf on my wish list for ages, but finally took it off since I knew I couldn't afford it. :(

  3. I wonder how much of the top bed could be faked with plywood panels and those unfinished wooden architectural detail thingies.

  4. Le Professeur Gothique -- Maybe, as long as your house isn't like mine - one that takes all your money, leaving you none left for a bed. ;)

    Spooky Vegan -- I've had my eye on the bookshelf for a long time, too. I'll never buy it, but I like to gaze at the photo once in a while.

    Tante Fledermaus -- I had very similar thoughts. I think you could make a 90% replica for less than 10% of the cost.

  5. Lovely furniture but very expensive. I guess you could find something similar in a antiqueshop and paint it black. I'm happy as a kid, since we got our first snow this morning :)

  6. Holy shat. Time to make a wishlist...

  7. It's snowy here too. Electrical boxes on the outsides of buildings is daft.

    Other than the armoire with arms, I'd have all of those. Gweh :( Maybe one day I'll win the lottery. Tesco, of all people are stocking black gothy chandeliers fairly reasonably priced that are not as fancy as that, but in a similar style. Yes, they're lots cheaper and thus look cheaper, but they're fairly nice.

  8. linnea-maria -- I do love to paint things black. ;) Yay, snow!

    Maeam -- Definitely wishlist material.

    The HouseCat -- Crystal chandeliers must be in fashion lately; I've seen them in a couple different stores. Some of the cheapie ones are nice enough that they'd look okay from a bit of distance, like hanging above one's head. :)

  9. $6000 for a kid's bed?!? Wow, I guess some people really have more money than they know what to do with! I hope you'll recreate that as a GIY project sometime!

    Our electrical panel is outside, too. It's a pain (and kinda creepy, although we keep a lock on it and we have a security system with a backup power source).

  10. It would be a fun project to recreate. And I do need a headboard... :)

    I can't imagine what the reasoning is for putting an electrical panel outside. I would think that weather + electrical panel is a bad combination.

  11. What gorgeous furniture! I need a bigger bank account.... lol!! :D

  12. Bigger... and perhaps self-regenerating. A bank account that magically refills itself with, say, $20K every night would be nice. ;)