Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Office Supplies in Their Natural Habitat

With the addition of the newly gothed office supplies, my office is less barren.  Still needs some artwork on the wall, I think.
I spend too much time in this room
new filigree paper sorter and a bat sticker for the laptop
purple notebook with swirls :)
bulletin board with Badtz Maru pins

Maybe it's silly that the aesthetics of one's office supplies matter, but somehow a "to do" list isn't as unpleasant when written in a pretty notebook.


  1. It looks nice! Your office is soo clean and tidy! I cant see my desk because of all papers and product samples gathered there.

  2. I saw an entire filigree office set, but I can't remember what shop it was all in, but it was like that paper rack, but included a desk tidy for pens and stuff, magazine/file boxes, a bin, a paper/letter rack, some trays, lots of stuff. I was going to buy it, but it was a bit much for the whole set for me to get when moving into the apartment I'm now in. If I can remember the name of the shop, I'll tell you.

  3. linnea-maria -- I'm a ridiculous neat freak. :P Luckily, most of my files are electronic, so I don't have much paper to deal with.

    The HouseCat -- The filigree paper sorter was part of a set I saw at either Office Depot or OfficeMax, I can't recall which. I considered buying the whole set, but as I already had lots of office stuff, I couldn't justify it. But now I'm thinking about going back for a pen cup. :)

  4. Aesthetics definitely are important, in a little room you spend 1/3 of your weekdays in! Custom touches like these are the best. You definitely need some wall art!

    I have a torchiere floor lamp in my office too, and a little desk lamp. Much nicer ambiance than overhead fluorescent lights. Of course, co-workers who can't think outside the "norm" (or mind their own business) constantly accuse me of napping in the soft light. :/

  5. VictorianKitty - The overhead fluorescents are dreadful. Accusations of napping, huh? I used to get the occasional vampire joke. (Not anymore, now that I'm in a sun-drenched office.)

    I'm thinking John William Waterhouse paintings for the walls. :)