Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Theme Post: Boots

The September one-day theme on Sophistique Noir is boots.  I love boots, and if this were a fashion blog, my post would practically write itself.  But this is GIY!  How does footwear relate to a GIY project?  Let me show you...

First, I'll introduce you to my first pair of New Rocks, purchased in 2001.  Behold the bat-bedecked splendor!

Second, meet my basement.  When I purchased my house, it came complete with a partially "finished" basement -- cheap brown paneling, gold shag carpet, and oddly placed, poorly constructed homemade walls.

Last spring, the 70's called and wanted their basement back.  I seized the opportunity to try my hand (or foot) at demolition and quickly found that tearing stuff down was very therapeutic.  I had no idea how much fun it would be to put my New Rock-clad foot through a wall.  :-)   

The wall before...

... and after the repeated application of New Rocks.


  1. Lol! I love how you use your New Rocks as a tool in construction, rather than strictly as practical foot protection. Very nicely done!! :-D The bats are so cool. Your New Rocks are very similar to mine, except mine are bat-free (and are mostly patent). Now mine feel inferior. ;)

    Interesting that the previous homeowners chose to build a wall but no ceiling. Seems like putting the cart before the horse!

  2. Those are some badass boots!<3
    Oo you got to break down walls without getting into trouble for vandalism!^^ Fun!! :D
    The new looks makes it look so much like a horror movie set, like those cells where the psychotic killer keeps the apparently sane and hysterical hostages! :P

  3. VictorianKitty: Your boots may lack bats, but they have more sole! ;)

    Yeah, the previous homeowners had all kinds of interesting ideas about home renovation. I wanted a house full of projects to keep me busy... and that's exactly what I got. :)

    Kiwi Ivashkov: Ha ha! I never would have thought about it, but you're right -- it does look like a horror movie set. Awesome!

  4. Wait, so you literally just kicked down a wall? That is awesome.

    I actually had a basement apartment with similar walls once. It's an ...interesting building decision indeed.

  5. Haha, renovation by New Rock. Brilliant.

  6. Sabayon: Yep, I kicked down a wall. I felt like such a badass! ;) So much fun!

    Julianne: Just when I thought New Rocks couldn't get any more awesome... they did. :D