Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello, Grey

The exterior paint job is finished!  I chose a neutral medium grey trimmed in white.  I considered more interesting color schemes, but let's face it -- the house is a flat, plain little box, and any attempt at elegance would just be silly. :)

Nonetheless, even a plain ranch house can benefit from a few aesthetic upgrades.  I replaced the ancient entry door.  I also had the absurd chimney pipe cut down and boxed in.  Painted grey, it's a lot less conspicuous.  I'll also add new light fixtures and new house numbers.  I haven't decided what color to paint the entry door.  What do you think?

And the rear view.  When I bought the house, the only way to get to the backyard was to go out through the garage.  That got annoying fast.  I had the dining room window changed to a door (sliding glass would be the first thought, but using a regular door and sidelight meant I could keep the same 48" framing from the window, greatly reducing the need to cut into the exterior walls).  The temporary steps look silly, but they'll do for now.  I also had the dog door hole repaired as best it could be.

The next major task is an overhaul of the utterly pathetic front yard.  Unfortunately, it will have to wait a while.  In the meantime, its barren state will be perfect for a Halloween graveyard! ;-)


  1. Big improvement! I would consider red or burgundy for the entry door... but then you are conspicuous again. ;) If you have Photoshop skills, you could try some different colors on the photo to get a good idea of what you would like.

    Our back yard is a barren wasteland, too. We've owned our house two years but the yard is so big, the thought of landscaping it overwhelms us. This fall, we swear!! :) (since we're doing desert landscaping, we aren't really bound to doing it in the spring)

  2. Photoshop is a great idea.

    I get overwhelmed even with my small yard. It's frustrating because there are so many parts of it I can't do myself. For example, there are huge roots left from the 35+ year-old spruce which will have to be removed with machinery before I can put down sod or plant a new tree. I could rent a Bobcat - I've always wanted to use one - but I'd probably hit the water line and create a geyser. ;-)