Monday, August 29, 2011

Paint It Black - Dog Bed

One of the treasures I picked up on a recent thrifting trip was a largish metal container for $5.  I don't know the intended purpose of the thing, but when I spotted it, I knew instantly it would make a perfect bed for my dog.

The container began life wearing a tacky (in my opinion) orange-gold color.

Like a good little goth, I painted it black.  I used a hammered finish spray paint.

Then I cut a piece of foam (from an old memory foam mattress topper) to fit.  A small bed pillow would also have worked.

I put the foam inside a black pillowcase for easy laundering.

I added a snuggly fleece throw, and Bean Sidhe climbed right in, resting her chin on the side.  :-)  Success!  It looks great with my living room decor.  I love it!

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