Monday, April 6, 2020

Kitchen Remodel: COVID-19 Version

After tolerating horrible cabinets for years, I am finally remodeling my kitchen. :)

Kitchen remodels are inevitably expensive. With lots of research, I decided which aspects I would save on and which aspects I would splurge on. The big splurge was custom cabinets with professional installation. It was not easy to convince my frugal self to go with custom! But I wanted to accommodate some unusual personal preferences, and custom was the way to accomplish that.

Kitchen remodels are also inevitably disruptive. I carefully planned the process to minimize the disruption. While the cabinets were being made, I did the demo, paint, electrical and flooring work in the kitchen area. The new appliances were delivered and stashed in the garage. I bought the new sink, faucet, and related accessories. Everything was staged and ready to go. The cabinets arrived...

And then so did COVID-19. :(

I managed to unstack and unbox the cabinets. Unlike my old, flimsy cabinets, which I could practically carry with one hand, these new ones are HEAVY. The small three-drawer cabinet shown below weighs 86 pounds! And of course, it was stacked on top of another cabinet. I learned that I can lift 86 pounds if I'm motivated enough.

I placed the cabinets more or less where they'll eventually be installed. Then I found countertops in my basement. The color is called Scrap Wood. ;)

Topped with shelf liner, the wood tops are functional enough. Once I get the pulls installed so I can actually open the doors and drawers, I can have some semblance of a kitchen again.

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