Thursday, October 27, 2016

Laundry Closet: Decor

As I've mentioned before, I like cottage style decorating... but with black and dark colors in place of the white and pastels. Gothic Cottage style, if there is such a thing. Befitting that look, I wanted to add black lace trim to the new shelves in my laundry closet. I pulled some venise lace from my stash.

Thumbtacks seemed like an appropriate way to attach the lace. I had plenty of thumbtacks; alas, they were white. No problem! That's what spray paint is for. I stuck the tacks into a piece of foamboard and spray painted them...

The newly black tacks worked perfectly to attach the lace along the edge of the shelves.

To hide the plumbing and electrical, I hung a piece of black jacquard fabric on a tension rod under the bottom shelf.

On the top shelf went some new black baskets for laundry and storage.

Just a few finishing touches, and the laundry closet makeover will be complete!


  1. Ooo that looks amazing, I think you could start a new trend. Gothic cottage I love it

  2. Looks fantastic! You are so clever and crafty <3

  3. Gothic Cottage or Gothic Primitive is very much my home decor style... I love this!!

  4. If my house wasn't 200 years old, not joking horsehair plaster walls and 2 ft thick brick major structure work arounds lol, I would so be using some of your wonderful designs! The colors that you use are such gorgeous colors!