Monday, August 20, 2012

Monthly Homework Assignment: Purses and Bags

This month's homework assignment from The Professor was Purses and Bags. I didn't think I'd participate as I don't have an interesting bag collection. I typically choose bags based almost entirely on practicality.

When I'm carrying a bag for a length of time - walking around a fair, actively shopping in a store, searching in the library - I really like having a backpack. It frees up both my hands and allows me to move around without the annoyance of a purse falling off my shoulder or swinging forward to get in my way. But when I'm carrying a bag for shorter periods of time, a backpack doesn't work as well. It hangs funny when it's only on one shoulder, and digging my wallet out while standing in a checkout line is awkward. And, of course, I have to take off the backpack to get into the car.

For a long while, I had a purse vs. backpack debate with myself. I'd switch from one to the other, but both annoyed me. I tried a few different bags and disliked all of them.

Then, a stroke of random good luck! While walking past a Wilson's Leather shop, I saw a purple purse on a sale table. It wasn't my preferred shade of purple, but since purple leather bags are fairly rare, I was intrigued and stepped in for a closer look. It turns out the purse was the right size, had the outside pockets I like... and holy purple cows, Batman, it converted into a backpack! :o The 80% off tag sealed the deal. Finally, a bag I'm happy with!
it's a shoulder bag
presto chango; it's a backpack

It so happens that the new boots I got last week are a similar shade of purple. As everyone knows, a proper lady always has matching purse and shoes. I'm classy now!  :)


  1. perfect bag. I need a backpack style for similar reasons and I have totally failed at finding a black backpack style bag. Ten years ago you could find them everywhere. Now? nada. Boo. :(
    I love the idea of this one though. I might have to swing by a Wilson's leather to see if they have any similar ones. :)
    lurve lurve lurve your boots ;)

  2. This is a cute bag, and I love your boots! The buckles are awesome

  3. That bag is awesome! I've been talking about too long now that I need a backpack. I have to look for something similar, so practical and good looking!

  4. I also carry around a backpack whenever I can, but it isn't always possible. It's fantastic that you found a convertible one.

    The tomboy in me hates needing to have a purse. I made it less painful by sewing myself a jack o'lantern purse. :)

  5. I also carry a backpack because side bags freak me out and make me walk oddly. I am crazy about purple, that's a very neat bag ^^ You thought of customizing it?

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  7. Where did you get those boots? They're fabulous, I'm in love!

  8. Hi, everyone. Thanks for the comments! Sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner. (Aaron, the boots came from Sourpuss Clothing --

  9. 80% off! Bargain! My cousin would love that bag! She loved purple but I am more of a red girl myself. She hates red. Ha ha. Those Docs are gorgeous and will last FOREVER!