Monday, January 9, 2012

Whee! Shopping!

I went on a shopping spree.

First up: beaded fringe.  I ordered from CheepTrims for $2 or less per yard.  (Jo-Ann sells similar 1" trim for $7.49 per yard.  Retail markup is ridiculous!)  The prices were so good, I couldn't resist ordering several types of fringe... 50 yards total.  Guess who will be putting beaded fringe on everything.  :)
1-inch black beaded fringe

 2-inch purple beaded fringe

and I scored this black iridescent fringe for 65 cents per yard!

Because my walls are desperate for art, I ordered two prints of John William Waterhouse paintings.
"The Crystal Ball"
Now that the holiday season is over, I braved the retail stores.  I found a cool wrought iron dog dish holder at Hobby Lobby for $15.  It's just the right size for my little Bean Sidhe.

And for myself, lots of goodies.  From Hobby Lobby, a box with lid for $7.  From Walgreens, 12 cinnamon votives for $2.50.  From HomeGoods, scented purple drawer liner for $3, a cup for holding makeup brushes for $4, six pairs of tights for $17 and a set of white 600 thread count sheets for $50.  From Bed, Bath and Beyond, Sparkling Cinnamon candles for $7 and $10 and a container of potpourri for $12.  I'm not really into Christmas potpourri, but I like the shape of the black metal container.  Not shown are a new memory foam pillow and mattress topper from Amazon which I've already put on my bed.  Mmmm... memory foam is so comfy.  And the reason I went to BB&B, a set of black 500 thread count sheets for $80.  Not a major bargain, but nice black sheets are VERY hard to find and my current set is faded.  By the way, if you have never slept on high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, don't do it!  You'll be ruined for life and forced to spend $50 or more on sheets lest you feel like you're sleeping on sandpaper.  :P

I haven't been in a Bed, Bath and Beyond in about four years, and I was surprised at how many silly "As Seen on TV" products they carry.  For instance, Pajama Jeans.  Seriously?  Pajama Jeans?  Am I the only one who thinks encouraging people to wear pajamas in public is a bad idea?


  1. Most awesome home finds and ideas...ever (well, adding them to the list of Most Awesome Home Finds..Ever). I especially like that dish holder for pets. I'll have to find something like that for my cat PRONTO! And yeah. Pajama jeans?? What the hell is with that?

  2. Wearing pajamas in public is contributing to the decline in society. I say this as I am about to leave the house in what are very obviously slippers.

  3. Excellent choices on the crown molding!

    Don't knock the As Seen on TV stuff. I am dying to have the Lint Lizard. I don't even watch TV, but fate showed me this commercial at the nail salon just weeks after Mr. Kitty let several loads worth of lint fall into the nether-regions of our dryer (I try to tell him he actually has to clean that lint screen once in a while...). So yeah, I am convinced my home is about to burst into flames at any moment, and Lint Lizard will be my savior. ;-D Or maybe that's just what the commercial wanted me to think... lol! But yes, my first thought was, "I bet BB&B would have that!"

  4. Maeam - Thanks. The dish holder was a lucky random find. I happened to spot it while walking down an aisle.

    Tante Fledermaus - Slippers?! So it's you causing the decline in society. ;)

    VictorianKitty - I haven't heard of the Lint Lizard. Like many of the As Seen on TV products, it's probably useful but not quite the miraculous savior the marketing makes it out to be. :) But, hey, if spending $9.99 (which is what I'm guessing the price is) will eliminate your fear of a burning home, I'd say it's worth it. But wait, there's more... :)

  5. Great scores Bane! Makes me want to go shopping!

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  7. (Came here from

    Sorry if I'm telling you something you already know - in 1994 restoration work on The Crystal Ball uncovered an element that had been painted out in 1952 at the instruction of its new owner (link). What was he thinking!?


  8. Orlando - I did not know that. I definitely prefer the restored original; glad they were able to rescue it.

  9. Hope you're feeling better and getting back in the mood for DIY and blogging.

    Here's some links to crafting/homemaking stuff I've posted at Darklinks.
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    You do a great job with your blog - I only discovered it a couple of days ago.

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  10. Ooo, nice stuff :) The prints are gorgeous! But I love that latter PRB-inspired stuff. The dog dishes are brilliant - I need something like that for my cat - he manages to shuffle the bowls about the entire kitchen floor and get water and kibble everywhere. He also troughs his face into the gooshy cat foot and gets cat food all over his face. Maybe a raised bowl in heavy stand would eliminate some of that.

  11. Ha ha! Sounds like one messy cat. ;) My dog jumps around with excitement when it's dinner time, and she would occasionally land right in her water bowl and splash water everywhere. The dish holder does prevent that.

  12. Those are lovely black sheets. How do you keep yours clean? Mine are constantly covered in cat hair.

    1. Grrr... those black sheets turned out to be a major disappointment. Same brand as my old set, but much poorer quality.

      But in answer to your question - I let my dog on my bed (on top of the bedspread) but not "in" my bed (in between the sheets). So the dog hair is limited to the bedspread, which I vacuum, lint brush and/or wash a couple times a week. (I have three identical bedspreads that I use in constant rotation.)

      Thank you for all the lovely comments on other posts! :)