Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Might Need Another Bookshelf

I don't often look for books at my local thrift store because the selection seems limited to 20-years-out-of-date cookbooks and Fabio-fronted romance novels.  Today I ventured into a Goodwill store that opened just a few months ago and was surprised to find a very impressive selection of books.  I chose eight, all in practically new condition, and had to stop myself from buying more.  Hooray for finding a new source for books! 

all these almost-new books for only $11!

You will probably be seeing new GIY projects based on tassels, tiebacks and trimmings and/or creative paint finishes before too long. :-)


  1. That is my number one reason for volunteering in a charity shop, I get tons of books at super low prices :D the only problem is I keep running out of places to put them and I have even less space for book cases *sigh*

  2. I always think that one can never have too many books... until I have to move my books. Then I grumble and say, "I need a lighter hobby!" ;)