Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gothing Up the Office Supplies

Last week at work, I was moved to a smaller office for "political" reasons (new hires outrank me, so they get the larger offices).  I don't care about the size.  I do care that the new office has an entire wall of south-facing windows.  I get hot very easily, and there are few things I hate worse than sitting in direct sun, making this the worst possible office for me.  The sun blasts through like a heat lamp, basically turning the office into my version of hell for about five hours of the day.  I am EXTREMELY unhappy about this situation.

In an attempt to cheer myself up, I decided to make some fun new stuff for my office.  I gathered supplies from my crafts stash -- unfinished corkboard, unfinished boxes, paper, paints, stickers, and so forth.  I also treated myself to a new pop-up sticky note dispenser.

I painted the stacking boxes purple and black, decoupaged the sides with bat-print paper, and added orange paper behind the cutouts on the fronts.  I painted and decoupaged the small box as well.  The can, which I'll use as a pen holder, wears a "Toxic Tonic" label.

The pop-up note dispenser has the same purple-with-black-bats paper, plus glittery bat stickers.  Because glittery bats make everything better. :)

I painted the corkboard frame black and added black velvet and purple spider-print ribbon trim. The paper sorter got a glittery purple bat. I bought a new stapler and tape dispenser as well as some purple, black, and striped paper clips.


  1. I hope you can pull down a curtain or something to get a little shade from the sun. The little pop up note dispenser looks great!

  2. I was moved to a different office a few months ago and I've been MISERABLE at work ever since. My main problem is traffic - now I'm in a high-volume area and I cannot concentrate on my work. And I'm SO sick of overhearing gossip constantly... So I can sympathize with your new office adjustments. Definitely see if your employer can install some light-blocking blinds or something! Hopefully if they are aware you are suffering, they will make an effort to keep you comfortable.

    Those cute, custom office supplies would make any workspace more cheery (in a dark sort of way - lol!). I find those pop-up Post-It dispensers almost irresistible; even more so with sparkly bats!

  3. linnea-maria - Yes, I think curtains are the answer. I'm going to request thermal curtains.

    VictorianKitty - Sorry to hear you're in a miserable situation, too. :( It must be frustrating to have to hear everyone's gossip when you really just want to concentrate on your work. After all, work is why we go to our jobs, right? I can't help but notice it's another fine example of the goth being the most professional person in the room. :)

    My office windows have blinds on the inside and a tinting film on the outside... but that is no match for the Colorado sun. At this altitude, the sun does not mess around. :P Today I was sitting at my desk sweating in a T-shirt... while it was 40 degrees outside! :(

    I probably shouldn't tell you that Staples has pop-up dispensers in the shape of a black platform high-heel shoe. ;) (Amazon also:

  4. "Glittery bats make everything better" Indeed, they do!! I'm sorry you had to change offices. Thermal curtains would definitely help. I love your crafty ideas; you gotta do what you gotta do to keep up morale.

  5. Pale Lady - Thank you. I've been thinking maybe I should cover the entire 13' wall of windows with glittery bats, glitter facing out to reflect the sun! ;-) Best use of glittery bats ever!

  6. Sweet!!! Thanks for the link. That's going on my Amazon wish list for sure. :)

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