Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Painted IKEA Wardrobe, Part 2

The painted wardrobe project is finished!  As I mentioned in Part 1, I used a primer for plastic in the hope that it would help the paint stick to the melamine surface.  It seems successful so far.

(April 2013 update: I have now used the wardrobe in two different rooms, and the paint job withstood all the moving around with no chips or scratches.)

In addition to hiding the television, I wanted the wardrobe to hold my speakers, modem, router, CDs and DVDs.  Holes drilled into the back made it easy to run the various wires and cables.

The wardrobe came with only one shelf.  Rather than try to make additional shelves to fit, I simply placed a small bookcase inside.  Placing the TV on top of the bookcase put it at perfect viewing height.  (Look at my adorable dog peeking out from under her blanket!)

Before attaching the doors, I stenciled them.  I highly recommend using repositionable stencil adhesive, especially with a complicated stencil.  It keeps the stencil still while you're applying the paint, giving a much more precise result.  You don't need to buy special stencil paint; regular latex paint will work if used properly.  The key is to roll off any excess paint from your roller before you begin stenciling.  A heavily loaded roller will cause paint to seep underneath the stencil.  Use light pressure and roll in several directions to cover the area completely.

With doors attached, the wardrobe is complete!

It's painted and stenciled to match my desk.

The desk was an awesome find -- free on craigslist!  It was battered but very sturdy solid wood.  Sanding, painting and stenciling gave it a completely new look.

Leftover wallpaper makes great drawer liner.

The wardrobe and the desk are next to each other in my living room.  It looks much tidier with all the entertainment paraphernalia hidden.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I love what you did with all of your furniture, your decor looks great!

  2. Whoa - what a stunning piece! That's a really good idea, too. Most people I know just take the furniture as it is.

    I would have never thought about the stencil or the wallpaper part, too. Free desk FTW

  3. Thank you! I'm not good at taking things as they are. Anything that sits still too long is likely to get painted, decoupaged, or trimmed in lace. ;-)

  4. Your wallpaper is epic! I like the wardrobe-to-entertainment cupboard transformation and the hanging lamp. The desk is nice and I like the swirl stencils, but I'd have done it with a black border on the draw faces - but maybe that'd be overpowering next to the wallpaper. I like the idea of putting wallpaper IN draws :)

  5. Ha ha ha! "Epic" is an appropriate word for the wallpaper. I put it on only one wall so it wouldn't overwhelm the room (and make people dizzy!). Yes, I agree, a black border would have looked very nice.

  6. did you paint those black decorations by hand? or if you didn't, were did you get the stencils? i've got a white wardrobe that i would like to decor a bit like this. thankful for answers.

    1. I stenciled the black designs. The stencils came from a craft store. I can't remember which... most likely Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

    2. okay thanks :-)