Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paint It Black

"Paint it black" is probably the most fundamental tenet of gothic decorating on a budget.  I recently went thrifting and found several items that could be transformed into treasures with a coat of paint.  Behold the loot:

I tried several types of spray paint.
Rust-Oleum Universal - Metallic - Satin Nickel ($6):  I found the handle/spray button clunky and a little awkward. It was more like an atomizer, with the spray forming a cloud rather than hitting the object. Cap accurately represents the color. Final result looks good. Sometimes a goth needs a little shiny silver. :)
ColorPlace - Black Satin: To be blunt, this stuff is crap. Terrible coverage and the spray button spit out droplets. I think I paid two bucks; not worth it.
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor- Black Satin ($3.25):  Rotating spray button is a little odd; I didn't find any advantage in rotating it. Good coverage. Dries very quickly. Does not play well with plastic (but it doesn't purport to be for plastic).
Rust-Oleum - Black Satin ($4.75): I liked the wide spray button; easy to aim. Excellent coverage. Dries more slowly than Krylon. I would choose this over Krylon unless I was in a major hurry.
Rust-Oleum - Hammered - Black ($5.75): Great for giving a wrought iron look. Good coverage. Spray button will spit droplets if you don't shake the can frequently. Cap accurately represents the color and texture. Final result looks good.
Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane - Clear Satin ($7.50): Good stuff. I like it better than brush-on polyurethane because if sprayed properly, it gives an extremely smooth finish.
Rust-Oleum Painters' Touch - Primer and Satin Black (not shown) ($3.75):  Highly recommended.  Wide spray button is comfy and easy to aim.  Best coverage of any paint I tried. 
Rust-Oleum Painters' Touch - Metallic - Aluminum ($3.75):  I like this MUCH better than the Universal metallic.  The aluminum color is super shiny; I used it for coverage and then toned it down with a light coat of the Universal Satin Nickel.

In summary: Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch will be my first choice in the future. Krylon would be a good second choice.

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