Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Working on the Workroom

My house has a small, rather awkward room which I refer to as my workroom. It holds my tools and craft supplies, and I use it for messy projects such as sanding or painting to keep the mess out of the main living space. Other than painting the walls, laying a sheet of cheap vinyl over the subfloor, and hanging a pegboard, I had not done much to the room. But recently I turned my attention to this long-neglected room, and its upgrades are now almost complete.

I repurposed some kitchen cabinets into storage for paints and supplies, and I sewed patchwork curtains.

I repainted the battered table and added another pegboard for my craft supplies.

Last weekend, I made the most dramatic change of all - replacing the flooring. The sheet of white vinyl had long passed its expiration date. I replaced it with Allure TrafficMaster vinyl plank flooring in a dark "Ironwood," the same as in my bathroom.

I also added a nifty little gadget to help address the lighting issue. The bedrooms in my house do not have overhead light fixtures. Instead, they each have a switch which controls one electrical outlet. The workroom didn’t even have this. (I assume it originally had a switch, but this was sacrificed when the previous homeowner took space from the room to create the laundry closet.) Lighting consisted of a couple of lamps plugged into a power strip. I had to walk across the dark room to flip the switch on the power strip to turn on the lamps.

But a new gadget has come to the rescue! I purchased a switch which plugs into an electrical outlet and is controlled by remote control.
from Amazon

I plugged a pair of hanging lamps into the switch, then used a small piece of hook-and-loop tape to put the remote control on the wall next to the door. Now I can push the button on the remote and turn on the lights right from the doorway. Hooray!
pair of hanging lamps
remote control just inside the doorway

Just two projects remain - installing baseboards and organizing the tools and supplies back into the closet - and the workroom will be done!


  1. You are so amazing with all of this stuff! I love seeing all of the things you do that I never would have considered. So inspirational!

  2. Wow great transformation and the vinyl flooring looks effective. I'm feeling inspire.

  3. Wow great transformation and the vinyl flooring looks effective. I'm feeling inspire.

  4. It looks great! You made the room look so cosy :)

  5. What a difference that new floor makes! I'm still working in the basement - cement floor, Ikea shelving and crap everywhere. I'd like to say you've inspired me, but I fear I'll never get it fixed up. lol

    1. Yes, changing the floor made a huge impact. My basement needs a lot of work... but it's dreary work and I keep putting it off.

  6. I guess having a room for all messy tasks is what every flat should have :-) the new flooring is pretty!

    1. It's convenient. A little room where I can close the door and hide the mess away. ;)

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