Saturday, March 19, 2016

Swingy Lamp

Today I went to the thrift store nearest my house. It was late afternoon on 50% off day, so the selection was a bit picked over. I found only half of what I was looking for. I debated whether to drive 15 minutes to a larger thrift store. I decided yes, and I'm so glad I did!

In addition to finding the rest of what I was looking for, I found something totally unexpected: a swing arm lamp. I've been looking at swing arm lamps for my bedroom, and they're expensive. This guy was $10; with 50% off, I paid only $5. Sweeeet!

As I was walking to the car, I reminded myself to take "before" pictures. And laughed at myself. Nearly everything I buy needs "before" pictures before I paint it black. :D


  1. Interesting! I have never seen one of these before!

    1. I've only seen one or two in stores... I guess they're not in style right now, but they're very practical. They swing out to provide light for reading in bed, then fold back so they're not in the way.