Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: Cruelty Free Lotions

Another review, this time for a totally different product: body lotions.

I have decided to choose cruelty free health and beauty products when possible. As I run out of things, I am making an effort to replace them with certified cruelty free products. This means I've been trying lots of new stuff, including body lotions. :)

I have naturally dry skin and live in a dry climate where indoor humidity is often below 20% in winter. Thus I need a heavy-duty lotion, particularly for my hands.

Nature's Gate Lotion Pomegranate Sunflower
It's a bit thin and not moisturizing enough for me. It might be good as a body lotion in warmer weather. It tends to sit on my skin and takes some extra rubbing to get it to soak in; even then, it feels a bit sticky. I like the fragrance, which is quite noticeable at first but fades pretty quickly.
Overall, I'd rate it 3 stars bats out of 5.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion Maximum
I LOVE this stuff! It has a thick and creamy consistency. It absorbs quickly, and it immediately makes my dry hands feel softer but not sticky or greasy. The fragrance is subtle and pleasant. It's probably the best hand lotion I've ever used.
5 bats out of 5

Alba Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly
The consistency varies a bit with temperature (probably because it contains coconut oil, which turns liquid at around 76F/24C) but is similar to petroleum jelly. As with petroleum jelly, it's too oily/greasy to use on my hands during the day. I layer it over lotion at bedtime and then put on cotton gloves. It does smell a bit weird. Overall, it's a good chemical-free substitute for petroleum jelly (Vaseline).
4 bats out of 5

If you're looking to buy natural health or beauty products, you might want to check Their prices are much lower than in my local stores and I have always received good service. This isn't a testimonial or endorsement, just a suggestion. :)


  1. I like Nature's Gate for shampoo and conditioner and even some body washes, but for lotion, my family of sensitive, dry skin (all 3 of us) and eczema suffering (me and little one), we love Alba Botanica in Coconut. Very moisturizing, with a nice, light scent. I'll have to find the Maximum and see how it smells.
    Thanks for the tip on I'll go check it out.

    1. My scalp loves Nature's Gate tea tree conditioner. :) In winter, my hair sheds like mad without it.

  2. Hey, hey. This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Vita is where I buy all my natural items and supplements. It's way cheaper than the store. I do love natures gate!