Thursday, September 3, 2015

Does This Thing Belong to Bane?

Recently, a couple of people have brought things to me and asked, "Does this belong to you?" And another time, a person said, "I knew it was yours because of the bats."  :)

It's pretty easy to tell if a thing belongs to me...


  1. Errrr... I guess I have several shirts and a skirt of yours, then, as they all have bats on them. But YOU will have to come HERE to get them back!! MWAA-hahahahaha!!! ;-)

  2. Hahah, then you technically own my entire sewing room and wardrobe =P

  3. Everything of mine is pink, purple, sparkly, or covered in bats. It's how I keep things from being stolen at work...

    1. It's an effective theft control device indeed. Unless, of course, we should ever work at the same place. ;)