Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Faucet Delayed

Yesterday was supposed to be New Faucet Day. Alas, the plumber had major "unforeseen circumstances" that delayed him. Three hours after my appointment time, his office called to see if we could reschedule. :( GRRR.

I'd already planned to take the day off work due to construction at the office. If I'd taken the day just for the plumber, I would have been really annoyed.

I made use of the time by clearing items out of the bathroom cabinet in preparation for replacing the vanity and by reorganizing the linen closet to give the items a new home. I want to paint the bathroom, but I'm not sure my pet circumstances will allow it. Clingy blind dog + paint in a 3' x 5' space = disaster waiting to happen. :P

Now I'm off to argue with the faucet handles to see if I can convince them to give me water of a comfortable temperature. And I was so looking forward to a cooperative shower experience today. Sigh.

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