Sunday, July 1, 2012

McCall's 5681 Circle Skirt Pattern

Circle skirts are a great starting point for the sewing newbie looking to enhance her gothy wardrobe. They’re appropriate for a range of styles from Lolita to gothabilly to trad goth. In shorter lengths, circle skirts are fun and flirty. Medium lengths lend a retro feel.  Longer lengths are perfect for an elegant, almost decadent look. In any length, circle skirts are a fabulous partner for petticoats and/or corsets.

Patterns for circle skirts are readily available; just look for 1950's style poodle skirts (so named because poodles were a popular applique) in any pattern catalog’s costume section. McCall’s alone offers at least three options - 6234, 6101, and 5681.

McCall's 5681 is a good choice for the beginner. There are only two pattern pieces to cut. It has an elastic-in-casing waistband and is super easy to sew. Stitch two straight seams, add the waistband, hem - and you're done!  It doesn't get much easier than that!

The envelope contains a pattern for a petticoat with a yoke in addition to the skirt. It so happens that the waistband also fits the petticoat, and you can use that combination to make a slightly shorter skirt. The skirts pictured below were made in that manner.

black and white damask print cotton
black and white print that reminds me of a confessional screen
lilac cotton trimmed in black lace
same lilac skirt with bat pattern lace on top

purple panne velvet
white and black print cotton with grommet tape trim


  1. Oooh! I especially love the middle two!

  2. I just followed your blog, and I love it! I also love the bat lace skirt and wish it were mine >.<

  3. I don't blog myself but I follow yours and had to de-lurk to thank you for your DIY and sewing tips - I am so clueless at sewing I think my sewing-machine is scared of me. Anyway, THANKS!

    1. Ha ha, I had this funny image of a sewing machine frowning, saying "Don't hurt me!". ;) No one is born knowing how to sew - hang in there and you'll master it. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you find my blog useful. :D

  4. Cute skirts. I have this pattern and was thinking of shortening it since it is so long. Will a 50's crinoline still work under the shorter size?

    1. Sure, as long as you don't shorten the skirt so much that it's shorter than your crinoline.