Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Jewelry Display

Those silver chains and bejeweled cross pendants are too beautiful to hide away!  With this simple and very inexpensive project, you can put your jewelry on display to enjoy every day.

Cost:  $5-15
Materials needed:
  • picture frame
  • velvet or other fabric
  • cork tile
  • cardboard
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • ruler or measuring tape (not shown)
  • stapler (optional - not shown)

Your picture frame can be any size but needs to have enough depth to accommodate the cork and cardboard.  No glass is needed.  I used an 11" x 14" frame.

You can use any opaque fabric of your choice.  Black velvet makes an especially lovely backdrop for silver jewelry.  I used pieces of a $4 velvet skirt from a thrift store.

Cork tiles and rolls are sold in various sizes online and at many craft and office supply stores.  A package of four 12" x 12" tiles costs about $10. 

Begin by cutting your cork tile and your cardboard to the proper size to fit into the back of your frame.  If you have glass from the frame, you can use it as a template.  I like to use a utility knife and ruler; scissors will also work.  My frame was 14" long but the cork tile was only 12".  Rather than cut a second cork tile, I used a piece of cardboard to fill in the 2" gap at the bottom.  I'm cheap creatively frugal like that.

Cover the tile with fabric by placing the fabric right side down, placing the cork on top, and wrapping the fabric around to the back of the cork.  Trim the fabric as needed; secure with staples or tape.

Place the fabric-covered cork face down into the back of the frame, then place the cardboard on top of the cork.  Secure with duct tape.  Leave the price tag on your frame if you want to remember that you paid $3 for it half-price at Savers. ;-)

Turn frame over to reveal your completed project! 

Use pins to hang your jewelry on the display.

I made a pair of matching displays from frames which, along with the tissue box and wooden jewelry box, were thrift store finds shown in my previous Paint It Black post.  In fact, except for the jewelry and the lampshade, every item in this photo came from a thrift store.  The dresser is overdue for a paint job and will be featured in a future post.


  1. OMG, I totally swear I *just* did this same thing and was going to do a tutorial on it on my blog! I needed a special place to store/protect/display the nice necklaces Mr. Kitty has bought me. We took a slightly different approach, but same exact concept right down to the pins. Goth Crafting Synchronicity! I must have been channeling your creative genius! :)

  2. Sweet! I would love to see your take on it. I'm guessing it involves more elegance and less duct tape. ;)

  3. lol! No duct tape; 100% hot glue! :-D But no velvet either (wish I had thought of that!).

  4. I'm new to this site and think this is a amazing idea :). Will definitely be heading to my local thrift shops.