Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stepping Back into the Light

I've been away too long!  It's been about a month, and an eventful one.  There were disappointing events at work that may bring about some less-than-desirable changes in the near future.  I had a birthday.  I came down with some evil form of stomach ick that kept me in bed for five days.  It snowed 19" here and the cold temperatures created some impressive icicles.
icicles o' doom
My project book received a major overhaul.  I've changed my decorating and home improvement plans quite a bit - new color schemes, new furniture placement, new ideas for solving various problems.

I have completed a few projects, including a bustle-style valance, a laptop stand and a step to help my aging dog get on the bed.  I've also suffered some fails, including a new mailbox that doesn't fit the old post.  More details on these and other projects in future posts!

And finally, I would like to say thanks again to everyone for your good wishes and words of encouragement.  I am grateful. :-)


  1. The curtain is beautiful! It looks like a bustle skirt. Great idea to use a striped fabric! I really hope that the changes at your work wont affect you too much. This time of year can be very trying for the mood. Take care of yourself.

  2. Yay! You're back :D I hope you feel better and that stomach ick sounds terrible. The bustle-effect window treatment is GORGEOUS. I want one :P

  3. Those curtains look like Beetlejuice meets elegance! (This is a compliment.)

  4. Ooo, icicles and a foot and a half of snow!
    I quite like serious sub-zero temperatures. When it gets properly cold the air is much dryer (any moisture just turns to ice) and here in Cumbria there is usually far too much wet, windy, cold.

    Looking forward to hearing your plans, especially the new color schemes.

  5. Yay! Good to hear you are feeling better. The Ick is no fun.

    I hope your work changes are not too traumatic. My job affects me profoundly so I can understand the difficulty when things are not going well.

  6. Welcome back. I envy your valance. Alas, my house is not suited for black and white.... sadface.

  7. linnea-maria - Thank you! I've seen some lovely striped bustle skirts, and somehow my brain decided one would look good on the window. ;) I'm afraid some of the changes at work will affect me greatly. In particular, my current boss (an interim whom I like very much) is leaving and a new person is coming in to replace him. I'm not sure what to expect from the new person...

    The HouseCat - The stomach ick was terrible indeed. Glad you like the valance! I'll be posting a tutorial on it this evening. :)

    Pixel Pixie - Definitely a compliment! Thank you!

    Orlando - The US east coast, where I used to live, has the wet cold. I don't miss that! Here along the mountains, it's quite dry most of the time.
    Details on the new plans coming soon! They include a greater amount of purple in the house. ;)

    Electrobat - Thank you. Yes, the ick was awful.
    My job affects me profoundly also. The situation at work has been in flux for a while, and I've been hoping for the best. But recent decisions have me feeling less than optimistic.

    Tante Fledermaus - Thanks! I'd say only part of my house is suited for black and white. As much as I'd love a stripey sofa, a valance is safer from the ravages of pet hair. :)