Monday, November 14, 2011

It's How Hot?!

Monday morning and back into the oven to work.  The guys from Facilities came by my office to take readings with a laser air temperature sensor.  The window = 112 degrees.  The air near the window = 94 degrees.  That's right, it was over 90 degrees in my office... at 10:15 a.m.

I will be very upset if my New Rocks are scorched when I spontaneously combust. :P


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  2. That is definitely not a healthy space to work in! I hope you'll get aircondition installed.

  3. Oh my! That is just horrible. I hope they fix it soon. How hot is it outside?

  4. WOW! Well, at least they can't accuse you of just being melodramatic. It's awesome that they took the time to come over and get temperature readings. Hopefully they will implement a solution before spring!!!

  5. I'd be raising hell, or camping out in someone else's office.

  6. linnea-maria - The Facilities technician adjusted the ventilation system so that I'm getting a lot more air flowing in my office. Oh, how I love air conditioning!

    Sabayon - It was about 50 degrees outside when the took the readings.

    VictorianKitty - Yes, it was nice to have proof that the room was too hot even for normal people (I am well known for getting hot easily).

    Tante Fledermaus - I've been doing some of both. :)

    I didn't push too hard last week because the Facilities team lead was offsite working in Alaska. But I talked to him (well, more like assaulted him in the hallway, poor guy) first thing yesterday morning, and he immediately jumped on the problem. By yesterday afternoon, I had cool air blowing into my office. When I arrived this morning, the Facilities technician was installing insulation on the outer wall. I also had insulation panels to stand in front of the windows. There was even talk about hanging a curtain rod from the ceiling grid! I didn't think it would be possible, but I was actually comfortable today. :) I'm cautiously optimistic that the temperature will remain tolerable. I am extremely grateful to Facilities for their immediate attention to the issue.

  7. Ouch! That's way to hot!
    I'm glad they already reacted to the problem.

  8. Sal Kaye - Yes, I was thankful for the quick reaction.

    Unfortunately, it's very hot again today. :( Someone probably turned off the air conditioning, which only makes sense as it was chilly outside yesterday. But I think Facilities is cooking up a couple more ideas for solutions.