Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Returning Soon

Hello, all! Just checking in to say I will return soon. I hope to get back to project posts in a few days.

If you are participating in Craft Along with GIY, you can leave a comment with your project link on the theme announcement post or on this post at any time. June's It Takes Two theme will continue into July.

As always, I appreciate all your support and kind comments. Thanks for sticking with me!

ADDED: Because of spam comments I have been receiving lately, I have turned on word verification and comment moderation. Sorry... I know that makes commenting more of a hassle. I hope it will be a very short-term situation.


  1. Hi I hope your feeling better soon, I look forward to reading your blog

  2. Hope you're well rested.

    1. Maybe just one more nap... ;) When the sun is broiling and it's 90+ degrees outside, I love a nap in a dark, cool room.

  3. As before, take as much time as you need, but I am so happy to see this post. *hugs, hugs, hugs*