Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Air Conditioner Woes and Coming Soons

It's been an unbearable couple of days here at Bane's Lair. The weather was hot Monday... and my air conditioner wouldn't turn on. I spent the afternoon working in the basement and the evening running errands in the air conditioned car (with an extended stop in the frozen food section of the grocery store). Yesterday was record-breaking hot (100F/38C). I went to the mall and stayed until 9:00 p.m.

Today I rejoice in my new thermostat and the gloriously cool air my A/C is now providing.

I rejoice less in the technician's bill. :(

I learned that long hair + hard floors can be a dangerous combination for A/C systems. With no carpet to catch and hold the hairs, they tend to get pulled into the return air duct, where they will clog the filter... or in my case, get past the filter to clog the A/C unit itself. Apparently the ductwork in my house is non-standard (just like everything else), and the filter left a small gap through which hair was being pulled. As a result, I had to pay $285 to have a truly astounding and disgusting amount of long hair cleaned out of the A/C unit. And I'll need to special order custom-sized filters.

What really ticks me off is that I've had the A/C serviced THREE TIMES before, and evidently none of those technicians noticed the enormous hairball building up in the unit. I can't help but wonder how much lower my utility bill might have been during last year's long, hot summer if the A/C hadn't been struggling to work with a clogged coil.


Let me just take a moment to enhance my calm. Okay, moving on...

Here's what is coming soon on GIY:

The entry deadline for the seven giveaways is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

A pattern review and (hopefully) a completed sewing project for The Professor's monthly homework assignment of polka dots. Longtime readers will be shocked to learn it is NOT a skirt I'm making.

Winners of the giveaways will be announced.

Next Week
More sewing projects! I ordered three of the fabrics that I posted about last month. All your bat fabric are belong to me. ;)

Progress on or maybe even the conclusion of the hairstyle makeover. I'm still not sure about changing the color, but I have decided to have my hair cut. I can't deal with the shedding any more. :P


  1. I really don't envy you that big bill :-/ but I'm looking forward to these fabrics which looks awesome! Mostly the purple one.. that combination is lovely. And the B&W one would be great wall painting. :)

    1. The purple one is my favorite. :) The black and white one is a little less detailed, but it was on sale.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the heat you've been having. A/C is the best thing and i wish i had a proper one in my apartment. I'm super jealous of the fabrics you have. i looked online for that cute green bat one but it's $20 a metre for australians!! Waaah!

    1. Air conditioning is on my top 5 list of best inventions. I'm fortunate that my house has central A/C, which is not super common here. I do NOT handle the heat well.

      $20! :O With the coupons I always use, I pay US$3.50 per yard. (Looks like the exchange rate is nearly 1:1, so about the same in Australian dollars.) I would be more than happy to buy fabric here and send it to you, but there's still the postage cost to consider. The US postal service seem to have done away with the less expensive international options they used to offer. :(

  3. Wow that is one strange airconditioner, I never heard of them sucking up hair before, there should be little filters to stop that happening!

    On the bright side, it sounds a little like the makings of some odd horror story...

    We don't have airconditioning in our new house, we used to use it all the time in our old place. Now you just have to have a lot of showers to cool down!

    Woo! Love the fabrics!

    1. Central air conditioning units have a surprising amount of suction at the return air grate. They do have filters which are supposed to stop anything besides air getting into the unit. But the filter in my A/C is not the right size. (Or more accurately, the ductwork is not a standard size.) There's a 1" gap that allowed the hair to sneak in.

      I lived in a college dorm that was not air conditioned, and I took at least three showers a day. They weren't always refreshing, though... the weather was so hot that the "cold" water was warm coming out of the pipes. :P

  4. You know what, after buying a house I have learned something: sometimes it is just better to learn to do something and fix it yourself. You can pay exorbitant amounts of money to people who fix house-related things for a living (thus one assumes they know what they are doing) and STILL end up with issues. Last winter, we had some of our pipes freeze. We paid a plumber to come to the house to fix it. He sawed open our wall and said, "Your pipes are frozen. That's the problem." Um, we KNOW that, we wanted you to fix it! We had to pay him. Anyway, my husband and I will be fixing what we figured out is an insulation issue (and we had to fix the wall he sawed open). ARGH!

    1. I agree completely. With rare exception, I've been disappointed in the quality of work that I've hired out. Half the time, they screw something up; at the very least, they do sloppy work and leave a big mess.